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Anton Magnani explains the idea behind the Public Art Project launched by his company BMB. «I have been passionate about contemporary art for many years and I have followed with interest the avant-garde artistic movements that have developed, among these one that has fascinated me since its emergence is the one known as Street Art or even Contemporary Urban Art... to the point that I have begun to follow dedicated fairs and festivals around the world and strike up personal relationships with many young artists, creating an extensive collection of this kind over the last twenty years. So when in 2021 we acquired the production site known in code B28, visible by thousands of motorists who pass every day on the Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway, I thought of combining the architectural redevelopment of the site with an Urban Art operation, involving some artist friends ... the first wall was created by Teo Pirisi, aka Moneyless ... an internationally renowned Italian artist who has done wall-paintings all over the world. This is how the Public Art Project takes shape, which wants to make a moment of creative expression free and shared… This first wall will be followed by other interventions so: stay tuned!»